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PP FABRIC (circular woven tube, flat fabric, coated fabric, big bag fabric) are woven fabrics consisting of two sets of yarns: a lengthwise set called the warp and a crosswise set called the weft. Our fabrics are woven on circular looms. Fabrics are available in the following forms:

Most of our customers produce different packaging materials (for example big bags, small bags) which can be used in the following fields: the construction industry (building lime, cement, sand, etc.), chemical industry (fertilizers, herbicides, hazardous materials, powders, etc.), food industry (flour, sugar, salt, etc.) trade/wholesale and retail trade/advertisements: shopping bags


The black textile is made of polypropylene tapes, circular woven, ultrasonic cut material. The fabric is equipped with an UV stabilizer additive to maintain its functionality during use. The fabric density is 100 g/m² and its size ranges from 0.6 -3.0 m wide by 100 to 500m long.

All woven fabrics come with the following settings:

Colour: fabrics can be produced in different colours
Features: fabrics can be equipped with special characteristics e.g. UV-stabilized antistatic, flame retardant, oxo-degradable
Weight of coating: 25-50g/sqm
Coating: coating is available in different colors, with shiny or matt finish. Printed: up to a width of 600 mm in 5 colors and wider fabrics can be printed in 2 colors
Weaving construction: normal (33/32 warp/weft proportion on 10 cm made of 3 mm wide foil tapes) dense (creased tapes in warp and/or weft)

Flat Fabric

Width: 0,3-3 m
Weight of fabric: 45-200g/sqm

Tube Fabric

Width: 0,24-1,55 m
Weight of fabric: 45-200g/sqm