European Based Supplier of Quality Bags

Big Bag / FIBC

Best quality-to-price ratio FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) to give our customer additional benefits.

TiszaTextil is a fully vertically integrated producer of Big Bags for various industries. Our customers value the dedication of TiszaTextil to deliver bags that meet their needs exactly. Whether it is the chemical modification of the polypropylene PP outer bag to improve mechanical or UV resistance or special constructions for the inliner, TiszaTextil can make changes at short notice.

Our R&D and technical department in Europe offers extensive knowledge of customer requirements and can turn these into products in a very short time.

We not only have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities for tapes, fabric and bags, but also offer extensive service with 5 color print lines, fully colored fabrics and various sewing types.

TiszaTextil offers two main types of Big Bag: the standard class and the premium class bags. Both are ready to meet our customers’ demands. Standard class bags provide the well-known TiszaTextil quality and come with a flat or star base bottom, have basic suspended liners and provide simple print. Our premium product is equipped with additional features that provide:

  • Better dart test results, resulting in fewer losses due to holes
  • Safer bottom construction to prevent losses of fertilizer due to moisture/water coming in through holes which were created by floor debris, for example
  • Better holding of the inliner during opening, so less risk of wasting time getting the inliner out of the fertilizer tray
  • Pre-blown technology to speed up filling and achieve higher outputs